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Underground of the World

New York

Due to the population density, the New York’s transport system is one of the most complicated in the US and the world in general. One can find in New York, aside from the largest subway system, the longest suspension bridge in the South America (the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge) and the first in the world mechanically ventilated car tunnel.

Out of many means of transportation to choose from, the New Yorkers most often pick the subway, which is one of the oldest and the most developed systems of public transportation in the world.

New York City Subway

New York City Subway is the most popular mean of public transport in the United States’ biggest city. Nowadays in the New York Subway there are 26 lines with 468 stops, almost 370 km of routes and 1068 km of tracks. It is the second, after the London Subway, longest subway system in the world. It transports over 5 million passengers daily. Annually it transports 1.4 billion people. More passengers travel by subway only in such cities as Moscow, Tokyo and Seoul. And keeping in mind the Americans’ love for cars it is an astonishing result.


New York Subway is not the oldest urban railway system in the United States. The first subway in the South America was built in Boston (in 1897). The first subway line in New York was opened at the beginning of the twentieth century, on 27th October 1904. It was called Ninth Avenue Line. At the beginning, the building and organization of the subway system was not unified. There were couple of competing companies that were building and managing the underground railway. It was as late as in 1953 that The New York City Transit Authority was established. It took over the managing of the entire public transport in the city, including the subway. Due to the centralization of the subway’s management the traveling became much easier.

Most of the lines since 1904, so since the debut of the subway, were built using the opencast method. The streets were torn off to the level of the tunnel and then rebuild. In many cases, however, new more complicated methods had to be implemented in order to assure an efficient functioning of the subway. There was a need of an iron construction used to build oval tunnels cut deep in the ground. Special structures were used to build over-ground elements of the railway system. Over 40 per cent of the subway tracks was built on a viaduct structures suspended over the streets of New York.


New York Subway runs not only underground (source:

New York, the city and the subway that never sleeps...

New York Subway’s system spreads in all the boroughs, including the biggest and the most famous ones- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx. Staten Island is the only exception, it has a separate subway system. Moreover, PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson), United States internal rapid transit railroad links Manhattan with cities on the other bank of the Hudson River, in New Jersey (Jersey City, Newark)

New York Subway, 26 joint lines, is a city inside a city, which very often runs couple of levels below the streets. It is impossible to count all the tunnels and paths that make it easier for the passengers to get from one place to another. All 468 subway stations, except for two, are open non-stop. The automatization and informatization of the whole system is exceptionally good. The passengers use one card, called the MetroCard, which is accepted in all the means of transportation (e.g. the city buses). The lines of the New York Subway are marked with letters and digits. Despite the different colors of the lines, they do not follow any particular rules.

Because of the time and cost the subway is one of the most popular means of transport in New York. Not always modern or esthetical, New York Subway allows you to travel one line or to change for another with one ticket regardless the distance you travel or the boroughs you go through. In the general opinion, traveling by subway is safe. However one should refrain from traveling alone or waiting for a train at an emptied stations at night.

New Yorkers complain that their Subway, once a pride of the city, is degenerating. It’s all due to the wearing effect of time, and most of all because of the years of negligence. Ambitious renovation plans are postponed by the authorities and are supposed to by fund from public money.


New York Subway car (source:


Detailed plan of the 26 lines of the New York City Subway (source:

Name, route

New York Subway lines (own source)

Taking the population under consideration, New York is the biggest city in the United States. There are over 8.3 million people living there. It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the US. The Big Apple is situated on the east coast of the United States, near the estuary of the Hudson and East River. Albany not New York is the capital of the state of New York.