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The present

Wilson Square as the best underground station in the world

The first underground train left Wilson Square station on 8 April 2005 at 5.08 am. Nearly exactly three years later (on 7 April 2008) the station was recognized as the best new underground station built within the last few years. The distinction was awarded by MetroRail organization. Among the defeated stations there were Vancouver, Madrid and Copenhagen. It was not the first award for this station – in 2006 it received a distinction in Mexico in a competition promoting facilities, which used concrete as the main architectural material.

Metro Award has 12 categories and goes to companies connected with the construction and use of underground railways. In 2008 Metro Warszawskie Sp. z o.o. (The Warsaw Underground) was awarded the prize in the best station category. Wilson Square was rewarded for its functionality, architecture, aesthetic qualities, as well as the station organization and management.

A Pole, Robert Jaryczewski, was awarded the prize for the best driver (seniority and the attitude towards passengers were among the assessed elements).

After receiving the award, the designer of the station, Andrzej Chołdzyński, stated that, paradoxically, Warsaw, which has the shortest underground railway in the world, has the best station. Indeed, the station does not resemble a “concrete box”. The elliptic dome with a skylight in the ceiling illuminates the station and reduces the noise of an approaching train. The light has different colors depending on the daytime. The two main entrances resemble weeping willows and there is a round stylized inscription: Wilson Square between them.

The station has two storeys. The platform – an island is 11 meters wide and 120 meters long. We can reach the ground level by 4 elevators and an escalator or we can climb the stairs. Hydrobudowa-6 was the contractor for this station, which has the underground capacity of 44,389 cubic meters, 1485 cubic meters of ground capacity and the area of 4758.70 square meters.